TSF Guide

The online TSF is supported by three comprehensive guides:
1. User Guide (PDF, 820Kb)
2. Institutional Administrator Guide (PDF, 1.8Mb)
3. Governing Administrator Guide (PDF, 2Mb)

How to use the Framework

The TSF can be used to assess performance across an entire institution or it can be modified and adapted for use in smaller organisational units (such as departments, faculties, schools). The TSF does not specify levels of performance – the level expected will depend on why the tool is being used. In this way, it is as equally valid for internal self-assessment as it is for external analysis.

Internal Self-assessment

Where the tool is being used by an institution to audit its own performance, levels of performance should be set according to the institution’s goals and priorities and its current stage of development. The same principle should apply if an organisation were auditing a particular department, faculty or school.


Where the TSF is be used for benchmarking between institutions, the institutions should negotiate the appropriate levels of performance for each criteria, focus area and theme.

External Assessment

Where the TSF is being used by an assessment body auditing some or all of a sector, the auditing body should determine usable cross-sector standards.
To enable this range of functions across the different purposes, the TSF repeatedly refers to “appropriate” or “adequate” levels of performance.

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